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Related article: Date : Wed, July 11, 2010 16 46th 0100 13 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 54 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Hi guys As promised, and of course a little later than promised, another epic s chapter, I hope you think it's worth itself is expected and those who have (girls ? ) =) I must add that it is reasonable to give promise of comments s regular look - said, however, should in any case, each 2-3 weeks. The reason is welcome now occupied in the recent past and what the various summer commitments in writing to take your turn! comments, as always. Chapter 54 - Overcoming the excitement moaned n Nigel. Ian winced. "Fuckin 'hell ! Now that you've done!" Ian 's voice was muffled something that comes n of between art is irregular buttocks. " Oh, WOT ? ' N Art has sounded very disappointed that his first experience appeared reduced rimming are. N "type, we have to stop. " Said Ian desperately pushing a hand between her legs redirect cum streams down her legs and shoes. " Oh, shit... I could not stop.... oh shit!" Nigel never finished sentence, his back arched or in conjunction with each powerful blow was the cola. The draft age, Ian was so loaded with the weight of volcanic discharge is Nigel, who were in great danger Defying Gravity. In the first art was found to recognize, then, that it was Ian, let began to fall from the box and saw NHedgehog of his throbbing cock drawing of the crack in Ian 's underwear. Cum dripped everywhere, do not have to guess what had happened. " Lolita Fix Well, that's fucked up ! " Said Art avoid Ian considers no, the smile on his face. " WOT? " Ian was understandably concerned about their appearance and horrified looks hot milk on the ropes hanging dirty underwear. Confirmation of whether it is necessary that Nigel had done was the orgasms monster. whore " Bad Fuckin ' hell Nige, I have a ' now, look at me, I can not go whore house like this. Mom fucked me kill me! " " WOT are you doing? "asked innocently art. He turned to Ian and treated her s not the best laugh. "They will not let you finish you have yer pants ? I said, " " I ' spose. "Ian said gravely. can meet Ian, Nigel had gone before, but found that the type of expression could not contain himself and began to stutter with laughter. \\ \\ n " WOT that ? WOT is to laugh like that? "His name is Ian. " WOT ishow fucked funny? He said, WOT? " " Uumm... "Art was on the verge of laughter, and then to control himself, he stopped , gave him something happened. " Ian, I have an idea. " " Oh no! There is another of his brilliant fucking ideas, "said Nigel smile. " See where he's fucked us? " " Well, I was covered in cum slut ! "Ian replied. " It damn shirt on me now! " nature could respond, Ian, who was obviously a bit confusing to start step in the direction of Nigel wants to show what a disaster he was made ​​ his clothes. Never admitted the allegations, seeds with hard unequal battle against gravity and fell at his feet to walk out of Ian shows that with his erection, as the finger at Nigel n " No! Oh, shit ! "He was seen laughing type drowned than Ian stared in disbelief, that s, everything below the waist in a thick, strong is covered by Nigel fresh semen. For a moment it seemed as if he was about to mourn. n "Hey! Ian. "CatchEng -eye of a smile, as he could. "He's done n to me! " " WOT? Do you mean ? However this is fucking everywhere. " Ian said in skeptical. " Really? " kind nodded, " Yer, I suppose, if we have a delicious cream smeared pot Devon about you, it would look like" "I do not mean to do it, just sorta happened. " Nigel said not guilty. " But if it was cream, you could lick ! Alta useful to type tongue out. " Now you can lick a lot, if you want! "Ian smiled at last. " Nige I , you know, I can not help but chaos innit. It feels like my fucking legs will stay together! " ' Now, my idea was to share with you pants. "Art, said his immediate knocked down and keeps Ian. " So now you get your disability. " ", but... Why do you want to replace them? "Ian asked. concerned, what about his mother, when he came home smelling and cumrag seemed a good use was more than happy to accept the art : n. Carefully left themcarefully and keep the covenant between the fingertips, he gave the art. He was offering the joy of the , but very curious to know exactly what is the idea of ​​art to , which had to be easy. Ian was certainly learning " So, why did you change? " Ian repeated the question, how they took n was moderately encouraging to the front is made of synthetic wet precum. " Because.. " Art seemed to blush for a moment, " because I love Cummy and S 's pants have a hole prepared in the back. " " WOT? WOT is my... Ready? "Ian was confused. " Uumm.. " kind of glanced over at Nigel for the moral support that only shrugged shoulders, scratched his head and smiled. " WOT? " Ian when you expect an answer. kind of realized that there was no point in a crucial moment as shy this. He held the tail exposed with his hand and took his courage in the else who saw Ian and gave him his winning smile. "Ian see I want to fuck my ass through the hole in my pants !" Then added after a pause. "Please.. I can do for you, if you dreamed of we all have to wear pants ! " " WOT? " Ian said slowly. " Me.. WOT? " "Do you know WOT every fucking other words, as a bloody, Ian ! " Asked Nigel. "He wants yer cock in the ass, do not let me do is the case, says mine is too big and it hurts my ass! " "But it could, after testing. To be?" he asked his way to flash a smile Ian again. "Look, if you want to fuck me, I Lolita Fix could catch Nige in at the same time y.... I would like to see in the middle.. ? " Ian wanted to say something, he was in his hands the Prior to his new underwear and rubbed his erection. " Do I really have most of this with you then ? Really how? " Ian was completely flattered that he had commissioned the art, such as intimate task. Never in his wildest dreams that I thought someone asked to do anything remotely like it and it was his sexual life hell nocturnal masturbation in the coming years. " Honest". Art nodded. "I had my fingers orp my ass last night imagining you! " " Really? "Ian turned down the lower jaw. " Honest... I mean... Beac. " " honest. Just a bitch, I said no? " Type of smile. " way of saying that you get a good Willie! " Nelson added, smiling. " I guess that as well. So if you have something left over after Art you can put a me too! " " I HHMM... nobody said anything like that.. HHMM.. " Red-faced Ian was visibly embarrassed. That was the closest I had never received any of an emotionally distant intercourse significant. " You're going to do? "The art to smile. " Perhaps then, well, it is if it hurts and all, but I could not help poor Nige wave of age, your button to me hole. " " Yer, but look.. I 'm not weird or anything. "Ian stammered. " I just want to know only n WOT is. " " No, of course, none of us are queer, you know, "said Nigel, " just sorta like to know about sex, and are not art? " nodded kind, you are still having problems, n train in wet underwear sperm t therehey keep clinging to your legs. " WOT... So I do now? " Ian asked expectantly, but not naive. " obvious innit ? First is better than good n yer willie in front of yer pants! 'S Nigel laughed. " So when and if the art is always to get your damn back pants, configure RIP on the back with her ​​ass and just click yer cock up there! " " Better yet, I set mine to see Nige again, then you can even n me, "said Art excited when I finally got dressed and of his rampant erection fly. " you've done before with Nigeria? "Ian asked him rather surprised tone. " yer the other day, we had a little practice,yes! "Winks n Art. " Fuckin Lolita Fix ' Nige move fast around here and bend over so ". passed by Nigel dutifully bent over the field, leaning on his arms outstretched Ian century saw Nigel 's another erection, the material pickled his pants looked very tense and also placed in kind of control power whenthe back and the copy of previous Nigel action forced, although the thumb. " Bleeding kind of hell, I only got just a donkey! " Said Nigel. "WOT I n be used to make it slippery? " " Nige on hold. " Said Art, to be exposed to extract in the back the majority of crack Nigel " everything can be well Ian, you see now. "swallowed Ian shrugging hard and the feeling of his own erection thought for a Lolita Fix moment was possible to cum on the spot! ", Nige smiled Ah, then. " Art "I'm just thinking about some of WOT of sperm from this yer pants! " " Fuck me ! " Nigel said enthusiastically. "Brilliant! " "Exactly! " Art was equally enthusiastic. " But you have to cause typing ' want to see, and they put us in the mood. " Ian did not have to set the mood, he was already there with subject choices n hand command line. "Ian, you fucking leave him alone or I'll fucking cum in yer pants before getting me," said Art Ian 's hand touching distance. "Well hell, just " see " of art had moved on foot by nexta Nigel hand quickly, and began to exploring the contours of the written article. Finally, he managed to fly to win the hand of his s wet through, and soon had the kind of twisted pleasure as gave him some quick strokes to the limits of the viscous panties \\ \\ n. Remove your hand shone with sperm, showed it to Ian before ringing the exchange rate, and stood right behind him. Could not Ian believe. Nigel 's hand was covered with sperm totally n the conclusion that Nigel is a load must be greater than what could have produced include in a month! " Now, yer own ass ! " He said with a smile and friendly looking Ian n just looking white buttocks Nigel is part of the dirty cotton rags. Invisible, Nigel smiled as he moved with a finger up and down his crack before a show instead of massaging the cum around her ass and firm pressure with the finger in. Ian was very friendly and on slippery silence for a few seconds later, there were two energy slippery fingers go outthen the three noises accompanied by soft slurp and the sounds of heavy breathing. "art.. " Nigel Lolita Fix sounded a little hoarse, " you will use in your pants, that need... oh shit... you have to do it... now! " n as art Nigel turned to look back, called Ian, "Ian right.. if I'm going to take my ass to do with his sperm.. then it's your turn to catch up me! " Ian could not believe what was in it was like a wet dream s colossal, almost waiting to wake up at any time, meets the wet pajamas n with Courage ! It was not with bated breath as Ian was slowly pointed his cock s art and entered into contact with the entrance of the hole slippery Nigel cozy. Type of pre-cum slowly established itself in the length of the the tap and Lolita Fix add to the confusion Nigel viscous three fingers the beginning, it was no wonder her sphincter relaxed and there was no opposition for the dynamic type of a member. For the second time in 24 hours Nigel was delicwarm feeling different, like art to fill your child Passage. I knew that art was in full, feeling cold soaked panties cum contact with his buttocks. Despite not playing, Ian was so excited I did not know he was in danger near to cum, his cock was extremely hard and had a mass of pre-cum oozing from the end. Watched with fascination as art moved slowly in Nigel, who complained in pleasure, and seemed happy to carry the weight of the complete article as well as yours. Type put his arm around her waist and pulled her together, invisible from where Ian Nigel kissed sneak into the back of the sweaty neck. Art, however, is moving back to his own Slip Slip n where it appeared seconds after sperm coated over Nigel n. Instinctive approach for a better view of the saw Ian type hand back through his fingers broken seat expert panel to start fucking his own ass, while still in his ass is ready for Nigel. In addition, wa convinceds you cum even before he entered the art rear, Ian was very nervous about his debut in the world of sodomy student. But he wanted to carry it out, masturbated and fantasized about a moment, almost from the day met art. Soon all the same muddy, sounds Slurpy had bum Nigel said he was prepared for the invasion were the product of the technique, although sphincter massage. " Now, now ! Push it in now.... fuck me hard !" Growl, his voice dampened by the body of Nigel. I have never been intimate with another boy before Ian was still trying to get a himself very frightening experience, but convincing. An attempt to September n the last doubts about the strange marks behind him, he -live the moment. She took a deep breath, swallowed, with trembling legs slightly closer, staring into the tendon of cum depends on the type with your fingers. No time to think of it as , was asked, and the forcingefully be overthrown iron tap hole waiting only surprised by the lack of resistance. With little pressure n slid the hot spot, and soon had his balls pressed firmly n quivering buttocks against type, n only through the gums separate underpants. ", I can feel it... oh shit Fuck me ! N Fuck me! Hard... hard... shit me... fuck me ! " Exclaimed type, carried out by the drive pulse Ian he crashed into the depths of Nigel, as he was physically. First, I do not think Ian felt as if his tail with experience much different from a handful of parents fucking huge razor n Cream ! Of course, not fully appreciated the significant amount of home infusion, lubricants and relaxation of the sphincter, the art had provided , both for their own benefit as a treasure of Ian n there was more, much different. In contrast to grab the tail with a handful of shaving cream, seemed a little reluctant to let him slip back out, if something iseemed you in The other aspect, so pull entirely different was that Ian was practically hugging a child he was attracted to and that testosterone positively radiates all in the afternoon. The boy could get was about as much ass cum, like Ian produce, and turn the kids to download their own seed in the womb of a third boy, who also felt attracted to Ian. Everything was a quick Ian was the only thing I knew for sure that its tail, n was to build very strong for most of the afternoon was all painful and release is desperately needed. Nigel was unable to control themselves. Spurred by the realization that art is the Cummy shorts were so bare butt sticking under his own semen that s had ejaculated in his pants a few seconds after art had to violent in the love with him. Now was the turn of the art, a cum and Nigel throws as hard as he could, he shocked when he gave a great deal of heat to welcome Nelson 's ass sperm. IWith managed to get pumped into a kind of rhythm of Art represents everything that was worth, semen only within Nigel was moaning in ecstasy. Ian suspects knew the art only cum s impossible to carry out Lolita Fix a hoarse growing animal form was forced to art. Sealing between the shorts and Nigel Ian took Cummy seemed a little, that his dream had come Lolita Fix true in the true sense of the word. With eyes closed, trembling visibly, and scratched on the way to the waist Ian n to produce a discharge height of the like of which had never before experienced. with excess weight and physical pressure was too much for Ian Nigel, his arms buckled under the weight, and they all collapsed in a heap of on the dirt floor. Nigel would come the first round, I felt very dizzy, looked around a to see that actually slipped into the kind of background, when they fell. that s seemed that Ian was still in the way of being of the two breathing n were differentand robust to the bill! Assessment of the situation n igel was that he was sitting on something wet, slowly achieved, stood up, looked down, almost afraid to see what he could. Unlike is the overwhelming smell of semen, he saw his underwear had been so bad torn by art, than just hanging around your waist. The front is positively drenched in sperm from her own orgasm, however, what is happening his legs was actually cum art stems from his quiet sphincter. However, there was a very practical problem. In general, pure semen amount that had been generated jointly will not go away only to now it was clear where he ended up stuck in kids is mixed with dirt and dust the earth. Nigel saw that he smile as he said nature was lying face down in the dust still in n Ian Cummy panties with the equally famous Ian dirty but uncertain balanced on his back. " Psstttt... " collaborationgrain -eye watched his feet Nigel had to move. " art? What? " "Of course it fucking is" Nigel bowed down before the art of face and almost laughed out loud has been dropped from his erect penis half the remains of his writings and almost hit in the eye of type " Oh, shit ! " Art said softly. "Put away ! Is it Ian.. n right. It's not fucking move. Is he hurt or something? " Nigel stood up and made a quick inspection, it was Ian \\ \\ s breathing and seemed sure to be found just in a coma for the Arts. Nigel n most interesting was that Ian is very cozy white ass exposed, Nigel was the sense of not Lolita Fix resist pushing their own fast thickening member "Art, I think it is to overcome " Nigel said before becoming a laughter. " Oh, shit " shut up. " Art is said to contain no annoy Ian. Nigel bent his extravagant jump to life right in front of Art the face. " He's fine. I ReckNo it's fucked! " " Do not put the damn thing or I will bite ! "Replied the guy now point to laugh, n as well. " What about you? "Asked Nigel luck. " Or maybe you just might fucking suck it! " " No, I can not, I'm screwed ! " Art said with a smile on earth. " But I do not mind being here because ' it feels as if he still has his tail in my ass! " " Fortunately, the lawn! I will be able to... You know.. " " He's a little bland, though! "Kind of laughed again. " WOT about you ? After him ? " " Yes, you know, I will. " " I, " The guy was really swallowed and thought it would be the last symbol of friendship. " Intend, could use a little, but it's so fucking great, if hard ! " " Hey, WOT on.. "Nigel stopped and looked up, his cock was almost erect over again, pushing a drop of semen in his foreskin caught in the eye. " Could n difficult? You know, by the way.. HHMM Yer ass and tight? " " Fuckin ' hell Nige, did not think of anything else ? "It sounded innocent Art enough, but he knew his own cookingk had already begun to harden the more fun ideas. " No, not much! " Nigel chuckled. "It's fucking not, though, right? " N "You fuckin ' see!" Land type your dick in the dirt floor, was a on and smiled : "That ' I spose yer down fucking knees that I can lick yer final, while giving a boost to the fucking life " continued practice was lying handle jump rope, but perfected the art sphincter routine less than a minute later, Ian Hahn showed modest signs of life and gradually expands to fill the art cavity. All the time was a sort of tongue cleaning is very sticky collected Nigel foreskin and spits the dirt floor. " art? " " WOT? " Art said, spitting a little dirt other Cummy unpleasant. "I'd like to fuck with him! He is so cute ! " " For fucks Nige well, you can not divide what woulddamn him! In any case promised... and you're lucky with me, albeit a bit soft, ie " n " I know... oh shit.. well, that means re-ckone would know if I put myself came to finger in the ass? " " Well, I do not mind, right? " " Fuckin 'No! In any case, his cock rock hard, I can feel it in my ass ! "N " Lolita Fix Convert can get there from here, I mean, while I am still licking ? " " Yer only. I have to wet my index finger. " " Now rub it in yer pants with cum dripping whore they can have to see from here. " type lick, as Nigel put his hand through the fly and soon cum drew enough for all three to lubricate burns. With a little track n was maintained finger on the back of Ian, and so sweet, how could that he ran his fingers between the buttocks of Ian.. slide "Hey! Wot You bitch to do ? "Then it moved. " Whispered the art. "Hey, wagged his tail... fucking hell, it feels good! " " It is good that it was the ass! " Nigel said softly. "I am 'll rubs her hole a little before putting it in. " the art was not able to respond in as it is now the entire glans Nigel put in the mouth. his mind was elsewhereThings, concentrating more on n rhythmic tension and release your buttock muscles as you said so n. While fully enjoy the kind of ministry Nigel orally active massaging the cum began around the entrance hole and felt folded Ian muscles relax under his touch. In the hope that with the help of art n also be able to cum for the third time Nigel thought it was time to push your grand entrance, with the utmost care to your liking, feel rubbed the \\ \\ s slow slip of the fingers. "art.. that I am.. " he whispered excitedly. " Hmmm... " published Enter the purple bulbous head of his mouth. Hand of saliva mixed with fresh precum was a sure sign that Nigel wanted to cum third time " Nige.. these fucking cold, will soon have to cum again. It \\ \\ n " " Fuckin 'right I did! But you were.. "the voice of Nelson's tail, which had found and press the prostate Ian, who once was the reaction the involuntarily forcing furtherin art. "Fuck !" Breathed way again forced his cock into the earth, " I am... oh shit... I 'm running ! " " Sunday. So at the I... " said Ian! For the second time that evening began to shoot his load in the hole is a little impatiently. "you.. you fuckin ' smart pig," said Nigel realized with amazement Ian was false " And damn you cum! " this roughly pushed Nigel and Ian woke soft prostate to , succeeded in sending another round of Ian arched back spasms serves the kind that has been established in the soil nailed by hard cock Ian. The type eventually drains energy reserves would not allow in the area of ​​ all, to say nothing of the suction. Breathless by Ian still beating, he in that pool of his own semen absorb dirt from the floor. " Nige.. going.. going to have to try another day. " Panting n few kind words fell with Ian still inserted as before see her two friends both cum again and were now fully exhAusTED there was only one option to Nigel, who was absolutely desperate and cum again. Achieve blindly grabbed his slippery tail began to shake all that was worth it. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment when he completely forgot that art was a face before him not offer heavier load of hot cum in all directions. ============================================ ============================ ==== == followed by chapter 55... It is almost written, but I have a chapter in the hand each time
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